Saturday, August 17, 2013


This post is about makeup.  The makeup took the longest and was the most beautiful yet :) Vaishali Vashist did an amazing job. So in this post I will add all the cosmetics she used and the close-ups.  I wish I could remember step by step what she did perfectly but I'll try:

First- cleaned my face with Dior Instant Gentle Cleansing Oil before putting makeup, and then moisturize with Dior Hydralife Youth Essential Concentrated Sorbet Essence to help the makeup look fresh and flawless.

Second- used a foundation primer so the makeup lasts longer, and concealer to cover under eye circles and blemishes.

Third- foundation, which I think is one of the most important parts (I don't like to look like I'm wearing mask). I've always worn Chanel Perfection Lumiere, but for this make up Vaishali used Dior.

Fourth- powder foundation

Fifth- bronzer and blush

Sixth- she did perfect work with my eyes. I don't remember what she used exactly, but I can tell you what she used.

Seventh- lips :* first she used lip liner, followed by applying a lipstick in the same color.

Like I said before... writing is not my best skill, so if you have any questions about my make up, go ahead and ask! :)

Foundation DiorSkin Nude Skin-Glowing Makeup shade 30

Eye liner DiorShow Liner Waterproof color Carbon


Makeup by Vaishali Vashist


  1. Your makeup is perfect, you are ready for a magazine cover! I like all the light around the eyes and the bright red lips!
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  2. awesome make-up!
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  3. Love how you have down your makeup, looks so beautiful hun!

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  5. Your makeup looks amazing!

  6. great makeup! follow each other? let me know!

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